A Reality Show Filmed In Pacific Beach

A Reality Show Filmed In Pacific Beach

The PB Reality Show is based on the life of the rags-to-riches story of Jim Lawlor, a.k.a. “The PB Millionaire” (PB means Pacific Beach, California – a beach community within San Diego). From his giving back to the community by helping the homeless, to his many lavish parties, the show depicts his lifestyle as a benevolent millionaire. He is a local celebrity in the San Diego area who enjoys the good life yet knows his humble roots. From once living in his car to now living in a castle, Jim – the PB Millionaire is a true success story. The PB Reality Show is based on his nouveau riche lifestyle. Jim shows the world, through his show, how to celebrate life!

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Charities We Are Passionate About

Fans frequently see Jim and the Angles walking the streets of San Diego handing out care packages and food to the homeless.

Since becoming a millionaire Jim puts his wealth to use with the PB Millionaire Charity Fund which donates to various well-known charities. His favorite charity, however, is helping the homeless in San Diego.

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Charities We Are Passionate About


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